Thanks from Our Almoners

"I want to thank you tremendously for the joy I have received in giving so personally to relieve some of the pains in our world. Like a pebble in water the giving had a ripple effect that touched countless lives. With pride and gratitude, I call myself Almoner." -Havens Almoner working with the children of incarcerated parents

"I have come to learn a lot about the human condition, about human suffering, about human endurance. I am forever grateful to Havens for providing me with the opportunity and financial means to offer immediate assistance to New Yorkers in desperate straits." -Havens Almoner, legal services attorney

"I have just clicked the 'send' button on my final report. Sitting in the quiet of my office I was able to read and re-read each 'case' - the flesh and blood stories of so many needy people who were helped through Havens' goodness and vision. What a very humbling and grace-filled experience. Being an almoner has opened my eyes and heart to truly 'SEE.' Thanks for that gift." -Havens Almoner working with children in foster care

"What an outstanding group of people the Almoners are! They are making such a difference in New York City, doing good work in our world. I am so uplifted and inspired; the Havens Fund makes a person want to volunteer to help other people. Havens Almoners carve out niches to help others in need. Then the Treasurer rolls it all up to show how one person can make a life-changing grant. Just amazing. All supported by Havens." -Havens Almoner of 33 years